Lana Del Rey Drops “F*ck It I Love You!” & “The Greatest” Double Video

Mike Wass | August 22, 2019 3:33 pm
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Lana Del Rey is bringing 'Norman Fucking Rockwell' to a music venue near you.

As promised, Lana Del Rey rolled out a double video for Norman Fucking Rockwell songs “Fuck It I Love You!” and “The Greatest” today (August 21) and it is suitably epic. The Rich Lee-directed visual begins with our heroine catching a wave in Malibu as she sings about the West Coast. “So I moved to California‚ but it’s just a state of mind,” Lana coos over Jack Antonoff’s hazy, surf-rock production. “It turns out everywhere you go‚ you take yourself — that’s not a lie.” The alt-pop pioneer then wanders around a dock as the chorus kicks in.

“Dream a little dream of me, make me into something sweet,” she sings, referencing The Mamas & The Papas’ classic hit. “Turn the radio on, dancing to a pop song — fuck it, I love you.” Lana moves on to a karaoke bar in the wildly nostalgic and very, very good “The Greatest.” In fact, this rivals “Venice Bitch” as the era’s best song. “Don’t leave‚ I just need a wake-up call,” she sings on the soaring chorus. “I’m facing the greatest, the greatest loss of them all.” The songs compliment each other beautifully and the visual is one of Lana’s best yet. Watch below.

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