Aaron Carpenter Is Really Going Through It On The Moody “Next”

Mike Wass | August 23, 2019 1:38 pm
Future Hit: Aaron Carpenter's 'Attitude'
The 20-year-old makes the leap from social media sensation to pop star look easy.

Aaron Carpenter made the leap from social media sensation to pop star look easy with “Attitude.” The Justin Timberlake-channeling, R&B/pop song caught everyone’s attention, and he built on that momentum with the slinky “Chase.” The 20-year-old now showcases his versatility on “Next,” which is a little less pop and a whole lot more introspective. It finds our hero battling a nasty case of lovesickness over The Roommates’ mellow beats. “What am I supposed to do, I never wanted to be this close,” Aaron laments on the chorus.

“Now I’m here right next to you, I think I feel something maybe you don’t,” he sings. “You’re still talkin’ about him during your sleep, but when you touch me like that I can never leave.” It’s a real grower that will strike a chord with anyone going through it. Aaron is currently chipping away at his debut album. The rising star has been in the studio with a bunch of big names including Scott Harris, SG Lewis, Pop Wansel, Happy Perez and Mozella. While we wait for that to take shape, listen to “Next” below.

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