Marian Hill Returns With Dounia-Assisted Banger “Take A Number”

Mike Wass | August 23, 2019 2:42 pm
Marian Hill's 'Down' Video
The electronic duo spend some time in an elevator in their hypnotic 'Down' video.

Marian Hill is back with their first new track since dropping (the very underrated) Unusual in 2018. And it’s another bone-rattling banger than showcases Jeremy Lloyd’s knack for conjuring up wicked beats and Samantha Gongol’s hypnotic vocals. They are joined by breakout star Dounia, who brings a whole lot of sass to the proceedings. “Think I know what you’re thinking, how is it that I look so fine,” Samantha kicks off the fiery, tables-turning track. “And this room it keeps shrinking, closing in while I take my time.”

She then goes in for the kill on the chorus. “Boy, you look so crisp, you’re a salty little snack,” Sam purrs. “I might call you over here, never call you back and I know you want my number — you can take a number.” Ouch. Dounia then comes through with a little advice for the ladies. “Let ’em go, miss his calls, you a boss,” she preaches. “You don’t need to get involved.” It turns out that “Take A Number” is intended to be a musical wakeup call of sorts. “There’s so much noise right now, there’s more music than ever,” Marian Hill explains. “We really tried to zero in on making something crazy and in your face and undeniable that only we could make.” It’s fair to say they delivered.

Watch the eye-popping, VYLIT-directed video below. It finds Samantha undergoing some rather unorthodox medical procedures.

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