Julia Michaels Rolls Out A Dreamy Visual For “17”

Mike Wass | August 28, 2019 2:45 pm
James & Julia's 'Peer Pressure' Video
James Bay and Julia Michaels drop a suitably intimate video for 'Peer Pressure.'

The visual element of Julia Michaels’ Inner Monologue Part 2 is starting to come together. After dropping a powerful video for “Body,” which found her peeling away layers of clothing as a form of self-therapy, the singer/songwriter rolls out a dreamy clip for EP highlight, “17.” Much like the song, the video is warm and dreamy, evoking the bubble of bliss Julia sings about in the song. “So can we stay in this dream like we are 17? Makin’ love and gettin’ high,” she proposes on the chorus.

“Where we never get angry or bitter or lonely, can we stay in this dream like we are 17?” Those feelings are conveyed visually by placing Julia in a very ’90s bedroom with her boyfriend. She jumps around on her bed, uses the phone, stares at her man and generally soaks up the joy that comes with no expectations and no experience. The hitmaker then wanders through a door to a cloudy dreamscape. Watch the striking clip below. Julia’s Inner Monologue Tour will return to the states in October. See all the dates here.

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