LIZ Returns With Kim Petras Co-Penned “BTR 2GTHR”

Mike Nied | August 28, 2019 3:06 pm

LIZ is back to sweeten another month with the gift of new, retro-tinged music. The First Lady of Mad Decent kept very busy this summer. She kicked off the warmest months of the year with “Last Call (Afterparty Mix).” After that came an inspiring collab with fellow rising queen Slayyyter called “Diamond In The Dark.” And today (August 28) she returns with “BTR 2GTHR.” Co-written by the legendary Kim Petras, her latest is a ’90s-inspired breakup anthem. “Yeah, we’re better together, I wish we’d never given up,” she sings over racing beats. “I still want you forever; I wish I never did.”

She opened up about how the emotional collab with the Clarity icon came together. “Kim and I were listening to a lot of euro pop together one night including a bunch of German DJ’s she grew up on. We got pumped to write, so we set up a session which basically become a two-day tequila dance party at the studio,” LIZ explained. “The beginning of Scooter’s ‘Nessaja’ was the main inspiration for the vibe of the track, and then we added in a more modern urban section to break the beat up the beat. I’m very proud of our emo-ravey love child, ‘BTR 2GTHR.’” Fall in love with the track below.

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