June’s Diary Returns With Double-Sided Single ‘Take Your Time’

Mike Nied | September 13, 2019 3:27 pm

June’s Diary is back! Last year the five-piece girl group, founded on Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson Jr.’s BET reality show Chasing Destiny, made waves with the release of debut EP All Of Us. However, excitement for the project was tempered by news that they had been dropped from a deal with Epic Records. Luckily, the hitmakers didn’t let that slow them down. Today (September 13), the now-independent stars return with a double serving of fresh music on their new release Take Your Time. And both of the songs – “I Ain’t With It” and “Stuntin” – sound like serious hits.

The former has the distinction of being the first self-penned song June’s Diary has released. Over a lushly appointed production they fiercely celebrate their independence from any man. “Say you trying to wife me. I ain’t with it. So real. Fiending for me nightly. I ain’t with it,” they declare. “I’m on my own team.” Meanwhile, “Stuntin” is a breezy and self-assured late-summer smash. “You know I got that confidence. I’m looking like money spent. I make it look so easy, I’m a boss and you know it,” they coo. “Bossy. Flossy. Makin’ waves like ocean. Water, dripping. All my diamonds floating.”

The group opened about their return in a press release. “It’s been over a year since we released new music and we’re excited to finally be at place where we can share what we’ve been working on with our loyal and patient fans,” they said. And it’s just the start. “Take Your Time represents the beauty in doing things our way, and we’re excited to share that is just the beginning. We have a slew of new music ready to drop in the coming months and are so happy to share that there will be no more long gaps between releases.” Check out the latest from Brienna, Gabby, Ashly, Kristal and Shyann below.

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