Love Blossoms At The Mutt Ball In Katy Perry’s “Small Talk” Video

Mike Wass | August 30, 2019 12:25 pm
Katy Returns With 'Never Really Over'
Katy Perry is back with a Song Of The Summer contender called 'Never Really Over.'

No one in the modern era treats the humble music video with as much reverence as Katy Perry. At a time when budgets are lower and standards are even lower, the pop star always goes the extra mile. That’s particularly true of “Small Talk.” Directed by Tanu Muino, the stylish visual is an explosion of color and cuteness. While the song documents the end of a relationship, the video captures the initial rush of attraction. Katy plays a dedicated puppy parent with a one-track mind…. for winning prizes at dog shows.

Our heroine goes all out for the Mutt Ball and wins more than a trophy when she spots a dreamy dog dad. Love blossoms between the two (and their dogs), and we’re treated to a cute montage of early relationship bliss. Co-written with Johan Carlsson, Charlie Puth and Jacob Kasher, the second taste of KP5 is every bit as addictive as “Never Really Over.” Hopefully, the sure-to-go viral video will give the song a well-deserved burst of momentum. Watch the (almost unbearable) cuteness unfold below.

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