New Find: Griff Builds Momentum With “Didn’t Break It Enough”

Mike Wass | August 30, 2019 1:05 pm
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Griff made her debut earlier this year with the raw, soulful “Mirror Talk.” The 18-year-old Brit now follows it up with an even better single called “Didn’t Break It Enough.” A relatable bop that finds the sweet spot between alt-R&B and pop, the track finds the newcomer pining for an ex. “You could have had the decency to do the job properly because now you’re on my mind more than I care to admit,” she laments at the start of the song. “I’m joining up the dots but they don’t fit at all.”

The breakout star lets it all out on the bemused chorus. “If my heart is broken, why can it still love you? Why can it still want you?” Griff demands. “If it’s broken why the hell does it still want you? When you broke it you, you don’t break it enough.” A mood. “I was trying say that when things are broken they’re not supposed to work,” she elaborates. “If a light bulb is broken it’s not gonna light up, but when the heart’s broken it can still love the same way and sometimes more than it did before it broke.”

Listen to self-penned and produced “Didn’t Break It Enough” below. Griff is definitely One To Watch.

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