Natasha Bedingfield Is Back! Stream Her New LP ‘Roll With Me’ Here

Mike Nied | August 30, 2019 2:55 pm

Nine years after the release of Strip Me, Natasha Bedingfield returns with Roll With Me. Out today (August 30), her long-awaited fourth LP is a welcome burst of positive energy. That was abundantly evident with one listen to the hook-laden lead single “Kick It” and brassy buzz track “Roller Skate.” It turns out the rest of the Linda Perry-produced album is just as catchy. The UK siren joins Angel Haze on a personal favorite “Everybody Come Together.” On it, the duo calls for a sense of camaraderie amongst humankind.

“Ooh, we can change when everybody comes together,” Natasha urges. The rapper delivers an equally powerful verse of her own. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this get an official release in the future. It’s that good. The “Unwritten” star also addresses the state of the world on “Hey Papa.” It’s the sort of socially conscious track that definitely deserves a closer look. Meanwhile, “King Of The World” features tropical beats and some very romantic messaging. “In your eyes I’m king of the world,” she coos. Very cute.

Matters of the heart inspired several songs on the album including “Sweet Nothing.” Only there’s a twist here. Laying her voice over rollicking beats, Natasha depicts an undesirable future with a parter. “One day you’re gonna be my lover. One day I’m gonna make you mine,” she belts on the chorus. Here’s where it gets interesting. “Yeah, one day I’m gonna pull the trigger with tears running down my face.” She’s equally frustrated on the soaring “Wishful Thinking.” Opening with keys, the track rapidly picks up steam.

“It Could Be Love” is markedly more optimistic. “Turn inside out. Show you my wilder self. And if you’re still around, it could be love,” she sings on a racing production. “Well, if you’re still around it could be love.” There’s a request for the real thing on “Real Love.” Another upbeat banger, this one closes out the standard edition of the album. That brings us to four bonus tracks. What are they? Acoustic renditions of “Roller Skate,” “Kick It,” “Hey Papa” and “King Of The World.” They highlight her powerful voice and are a great addition.

That’s just scratching the surface, though. Other must-hears include “No Man I See” and “Where We Going Now.” Natasha opened up about the album in a press release. “Through so much of my life, music has been the thing that helps me to have faith and keep believing in the positive,” she explained. “The new album is bright and bold but in a way that is also raw and honest. I wanted to create something that resonated with people on an honest level, because that’s what fills me up.” I’d say she easily achieved that goal. Press play on Roll With Me Below and pick a favorite song.

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