RAYE Taps Jess Glynne For “Love Me Again” Remix

Mike Wass | August 30, 2019 2:11 pm
David Guetta & Raye's 'Stay (Don't Go Away)'
UK pop star Raye joins forces with David Guetta on new single, 'Stay (Don't Go Away).'

RAYE’s “Love Me Again” ranks as one the best pop songs of 2019. It’s usually not wise to tinker with perfection, but the UK singer/songwriter lifts the emotional bop to even greater heights by tapping Jess Glynne for a girl-power remix. “I guess we were a little too young, I was a little too proud,” RAYE admits on the pre-chorus over Fred Ball’s crisp synths and church keys. “We were a little too dumb, I was a little too wild.” By the time the chorus arrives, however, she’s in the process of making a very bad decision.

“So I call him, and I say, ‘Yeah, hello, how you doing?’ I was wondering if there’s something I could do to make you love me again.” Thankfully, on the remix, Jess is there to talk a little sense into her. “Swear I know that feeling, it’s like your heart is bleeding,” the “I’ll Be There” hitmaker sings on her verse. “It will heal, please believe me.” With any luck, “Love Me Again” 2.0 will be the breakthrough hit RAYE has been working towards for a while now. Take a listen to the new and improved anthem below.

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