Halsey Poses For ‘Cosmopolitan,’ Opens Up About “Nightmare”

Mike Nied | September 3, 2019 3:51 pm

Halsey serves something seriously fierce in a new photoshoot for Cosmopolitan. Out today (September 3), she rocks a bedazzled lavender romper, matching glitter eye makeup and a short brown bob on the cover. And the rest of the photos from the shoot are equally chic. Posing for Peggy Sirota, the 24-year-old dons a series of cute dresses. There’s also an enviable pair of leopard print roller-skates. Sadly, the accompanying interview doesn’t feature any official updates on the status of her third studio album. However, there are a couple of other gems.

Chiefly, the “Without Me” siren spoke about her rip-roaring single “Nightmare.” Halsey opened up about people’s reaction to the song. “When I made ‘Nightmare,’ there were people saying, ‘I don’t think this is the move. You just had a number one song and now you’re gonna put out this weird, political song that’s not safe,’” she said. “Well, yeah, that’s why I’m gonna do it.” She also addressed questions about what some perceive as diverging interests with this iconic answer. “Sometimes I want to have really good sex and sometimes I want to save the world, and sometimes I might try to do both in the same day!”

Spoken like a true legend. Check out a gallery of photos from the shoot up top. You can also read the rest of Halsey’s feature and see several more gorgeous pics here.

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