Lil Nas X Stalks Skai Jackson In Futuristic “Panini” Video

Mike Wass | September 5, 2019 1:40 pm

How do you follow up the longest-running number one hit of all time? By dropping another smash. That’s the approach Lil Nas X has taken to the runaway success of “Old Town Road.” Clearly a believer in making hay while the sun shines, the 20-year-old hasn’t wasted any time on promoting “Panini.” The second single from his 7 EP is a Nirvana-interpolating (the chorus is a riff on “In Bloom”) earworm about the fickle nature of fandom. Namely, the love affair you have with an unknown artist that suddenly ends when they take off.

Those themes are also apparent in the Mike Diva-directed video. Set in a futuristic Tokyo, Skai Jackson (the child star that ended Azealia Banks) is doing her best to avoid Lil Nas X. But he won’t give up, popping up in holograms and even performing on the wing of a plane — much to Skai’s horror. She is eventually won over when he leaves her alone and transforms his intrusive promo into a forest of neon trees and flowers. It’s a striking clip that will propel “Panini” even higher up the charts. Watch below.

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