Backstreet Boys Unites With Steve Aoki On New Bop “Let It Be Me”

Mike Nied | September 9, 2019 11:00 am

UPDATE: Backstreet Boys and Steve Aoki rolled out an emotional video in support of “Let It Be Me.” Watch it below.

Legendary man band Backstreet Boys added a sixth member to its lineup. Here’s the best part: You’re already familiar with the new addition. Who is it? Super-producer Steve Aoki. Today (September 6), the hitmakers join forces on “Let It Be Me.” And it sounds like they have a serious hit on their hands. On it, the DNA crooners lay it all out for a love interest. Basically, they’re aware she may carry emotional baggage. But that doesn’t change their feelings. “Wait, don’t speak. Don’t wanna hear all your warnings. Don’t care what happened before me,” they sing.

“Wait, don’t leave. Nothing that’s easy is worth it. Nothing that’s worth it is perfect.” These pleas build up to the infectious chorus. “If you’re gonna hurt someone then let it be me. If you’re gonna break my heart I’m ready to bleed,” BSB requests. “Even if it kills me, oh, I’m begging you, please.” After putting their hearts on their sleeves, there’s a beat drop followed by a cool breakdown. Hopefully the collaborators come together for an official video and a promo performance or two. If so, they’re all but guaranteed to climb the Billboard Hot 100.

Press play on the romantic collaboration below.

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