Wallows Drops Record Store Day Singles “Trust Fall” & “Just Like A Movie”

Mike Wass | September 6, 2019 3:35 pm
Wallows Drops 'Nothing Happens'
The breakout band delivers one of the best albums of 2019.

Wallows lived up to the hype (and then some) on their excellent debut LP, Nothing Happens. The trio delivered a collection of genre-demolishing brand of hazy, West Coast rock songs that incorporates everything from psychedelia to disco. As good as the album is, it looks like a couple of gems didn’t quite make the cut. “Trust Fall” and “Just Like A Movie” were originally released on 7″ vinyl as Record Store Day 2019 exclusives, but they are finally available to stream and download. Of the two, “Just Like A Movie” is my favorite. (By the tiniest of margins).

“Pointless conversations with people we don’t know, if you agree then I think it’s time to go,” Dylan Minnette sings over a chorus of guitars. “I’m freaking out as people start to stare, can’t get away from this song anywhere.” Braeden Lemasters handles the next, melancholy verse, before they all come together for the chorus. “I don’t wanna wait, not anymore,” the chant. “Well, you see right through me.” As for “Trust Fall,” it’s the more adventurous track production-wise, but doesn’t quite have the same sing-along quality.

“‘Trust Fall’ and ‘Just Like A Movie’ are two songs that we recorded during the sessions for Nothing Happens,” the band explains. “When we were coming up with the track list for the album, we felt like these songs fit together in their own unique way and started to think of them as a pair that could exist on their own as singles.” Listen to both songs below.

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