If These Rock And Roll Legends Were Alive Today, They Might Look Like This

Sara | September 6, 2019 5:46 pm

It isn’t random that many musicians have died young in past decades, hence the term “party like a rockstar.” While many groundbreaking artists have surpassed the test of time both in their music and longevity, we’ll never know how life today would be different if lost musicians had survived all this time. Would Cobain have abandoned the industry he hated? Would Sid Viscious have gotten clean? We may not have a crystal ball, but we do have CGI. Now we can gaze at the faces of beloved musicians at the age they would have been today.

Presley Still Has His Lip Curl

A younger Elvis is compared to a gray haired, wrinklier version that still wears the same smirk
Getty Images/Sachs Media
Getty Images/Sachs Media

No doubt the king would still be a charmer. Something about that combed back hair and lip curl just doesn’t get old. Unfortunately, neither did the 20th-century icon, who died in his home at just 42-years-old.

Journalist Tony Scherman wrote that Elvis had become massively overweight and was “dulled by the pharmacopeia he daily ingested.” His final performances were complete disasters as the artist struggled to talk, or didn’t make it on stage at all. Like a vicious cycle, substances fueled a host of health issues, the issues fueled his drug problem, and back again.