John Mayer Dreams Of Adventure & Excitement On “Carry Me Away”

Mike Nied | September 9, 2019 12:04 pm

John Mayer put his summer vacation to good use this year. The 41-year-old spent the better portion of the season on tour. But during a short break, he found time to hit the studio and get creative. The result of that hard work is his new single “Carry Me Away.” And the song (out September 6) is a bite-sized morsel that finds him longing for adventure over a lush production. “I’m such a bore, I’m such a bummer. There must be more behind the summer,” he sings on the opening lines. “I want someone to make some trouble. Been way too safe inside my bubble.” The “New Light” crooner then makes it clear exactly what he is looking for.

“Take me out and keep me up all night. Let me live on the wilder side of life.” He opened up about the song on Instagram. “I didn’t see it coming that this tour would have so much life and energy in it,” John wrote. “So when it was time for a two week break, I found myself wanting to create. My desires for vacation were simple: to live in shorts and a t-shirt and play with my dog in the sun and live a simple happy normal life, all while writing this song I had swirling around in my head. I present to you ‘Carry Me Away,’ which was made with the same love you’ve sent my way on this run. I hope you enjoy this late summer postcard.”

Give the track a listen below and let us know what you think.

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