Skott Returns With Self-Released & Catchy New Single “Bloodhound”

Mike Wass | September 9, 2019 4:00 pm
Skott's 'Stay Off My Mind'
The Swedish pop star's light and airy 'Stay Off My Mind' has a distinct edge.

Skott first made waves in 2016 with mysterious, otherworldly pop songs like “Porcelain” (Lorde’s favorite) and “Wolf” (Katy Perry’s go-to jam). The Swedish pop star built on that initial buzz with a string of impressive singles and 2018’s ethereal Stay Off My Mind EP. She now returns with a bold, self-released bop called “Bloodhound.” “I’ve been looking for an alibi, take you out of sight,” the singer/songwriter threatens on the pre-chorus. “I release the hounds and they’re running out.” The absurdly catchy and astoundingly simple chorus is comprised of two words: “Doo Doot.”

“It’s ok to show your teeth a little sometimes, and not worry too much about pleasing others or playing it safe, which I think many of us can find ourselves doing at times,” Pauline Skött (her real name) says of her new release. “I feel like starting my own label kind of runs in the same mindset. The song is playful and doesn’t take itself too seriously. I hope it resonates with some weirdos out there doing their own thing.” She also unveiled the video, which she co-directed with Paras IV.

The clip was shot on-location in Rättvik, Sweden, which is situated along the eastern shores of Lake Siljan where Skott grew up. It tells the tale of an eerie town that is quickly loosing residents, but gaining an ever-larger dog population. Watch the weird and wonderful visual below.

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