These 1970s Backstage Photos Of Musicians Will Bring On Serious Nostalgia

Rose Reilly | September 9, 2019 7:01 pm

If rock’n’roll was born in the 1950s, then the 1970s were like its angsty teenage years. Disco, folk, and punk each resembled extremely different children, but the 1970s loved them all equally. Then funk, metal, and psychedelia emerged as major influencers of the music industry, and it was game on for music pandemonium. But what about the faces behind all those genres? Seeing musicians on stage is one thing, but it’s quite another when you see them sit back, have a drink, share a laugh, and even goof off like the rest of us. Here are a few backstage moments we wish we could have experienced first-hand.

The Father Of Funk At The Top Of His Game

James Brown wears a brown suade suit and leans back in his armchair backstage, smiling to the camera.
David Reed/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images
David Reed/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images

By the 1970s, James Brown was already heralded as the father of funk, a relatively new music genre. The R&B musician married the style with African sounds to create hits like “Get Up….” He also wasn’t afraid to be a part of the social movements of the 60s. Songs like “Say It Loud– I’m Black And I’m Proud.”

Brown has been ranked #1 in the top R&B artists and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll and Songwriter Hall of Fame. This backstage photo would have been at the height of his career, in the mid-1970s, before his sales dropped in the 1980s.