The Greatest Guitarists Of All Time

Jackson Sawa | September 11, 2019 4:39 pm

Although every member of a band plays a crucial role, one that tends to stick out is the guitarist. Almost all bands have at least one, and it is often even the preferred instrument of a band’s frontman. Extremely versatile and undeniably cool, guitarists are responsible for creating melodies, keeping rhythm, and smashing their instruments from time to time. A revered position, it takes stage presence, practice, and natural talent to be the best of the best. Here are some of the greatest guitarists who have it all.

Les Paul Revolutionized The Guitar

If you don’t know Les Paul for his incredible guitar skills, you may know him from the iconic guitar named after him. He was the creator of the solid-body guitar that essentially dominates the music scene today, and when he wasn’t busy making them, he was certainly playing them.

Les Paul and wife
Express/Express/Getty Images
Express/Express/Getty Images

A self-taught musician, Paul is mostly known for his jazz hits but got his start playing country music. His style of using, licks, trills, and other fretting techniques set him apart from other musicians of the time, with him and his wife, Mary Ford, selling millions of records together.