Hannah Diamond & Danny L Harle’s “Part Of Me” Is A Club Lullaby

Mike Wass | September 17, 2019 2:05 pm
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Hannah Diamond joins forces with fellow PC Music cohort Danny L Harle for a different kind of banger. “Part Of Me” falls somewhere between a lullaby and a club anthem, which makes it both oddly calming and euphoric. “Part of me wants to know what you see when you’re asleep,” the British pop visionary sings over twinkly synths. “Part of me make believes you can see me in your dreams.” The track then takes a hard turn into clubland. All in all, it’s Hannah’s most accessible offering to date.

“It started off with the [lullaby] pattern and we were working in and around this kind of sleepy twinkly melody,” Danny L Harle reveals. “And it was supposed to be a sleepy song. But as the lyrics came together we worked out there was a possibility for there to be this repressed inner excitement/keenness that could come out in a really hard section.” For Hannah, the production took the song in an unexpected direction. “I was looking at a few different… lyrics and then these ones suddenly clicked and fell together really quickly. And because of the melody, I found a new meaning in the lyrics to what I thought they meant to me before.”

Fall in love with Hannah’s new bop below. It’s the latest (very good) single from her upcoming debut LP, Reflections.

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