Premiere: Jake Miller Gets Even On “COULD HAVE BEEN YOU”

Mike Nied | September 18, 2019 11:53 am

UPDATE: Check out Jake Miller’s “COULD HAVE BEEN YOU” video below.

Jake Miller put his summer to good use. In July, the 26-year-old launched a new project with “OCEAN AWAY.” The heartfelt bop – it’s a love song about a couple on the cusp of going long distance – introduced his EP Summer 19. Since then, he’s dropped singles like clockwork every two weeks. That includes a Tomos collab called “NERVOUS,” “LAST TEXT” and “15 MINUTES.” Now the end is here. Jake’s closing out era with one last song – “COULD HAVE BEEN YOU.” And it features a generous dose of heartbreak and an even healthier serving of revenge.

“LA fucking changed you. Yeah. You’re a different person all of a sudden,” Jake mourns of an ex on the opening lines. “I guess I’m not the type that you wanted. ‘Cause my love didn’t phase you.” However, instead of getting mad, the crooner decides to get even. And he cooly lays out how on the anthemic chorus. “One day you’ll come running back, back back. But it’ll be too late for that,” he sings. Why is it too late? Because he moved on with a new partner. “I’m doing what we dreamed of with somebody new. Going to the places that you wanted to. It could have been you.” That cuts very deep.

The “Nikes” star opened up about the track in an exclusive statement. “‘COULD HAVE BEEN YOU’ is the final song I’m releasing this summer as part of my SUMMER 19 EP,” he explained. “It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. The song is about revenge, and doing all the things you and an ex used to dream about but with a new person.” And here’s the best part. The song is officially available tomorrow (September 19), but we’ve got it one day early. We’re proud to partner with Jake to bring you an exclusive first listen. Press play up top and check out his upcoming tour dates below.


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