Balloon Animals & Sequins! Katy Perry Performs “Small Talk” On ‘Ellen’

Mike Wass | September 18, 2019 1:05 pm
Katy Perry's 'Small Talk' Video
Love blossoms at a dog show in Katy's adorable 'Small Talk' video.

Katy Perry went all out for the first TV performance of “Small Talk” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Not only did the the pop star rock an otherworldly, pink sequin-covered ensemble, she also dressed the set in her trademark super-kitsch style. There’s a wall of trophies (a nod to the adorable, dog show-themed video) and a giant poodle made out of pink balloons. It’s endlessly fun at a time when fun has seemingly been outlawed in the pop world and quintessentially Katy. Better yet, the “Never Really Over” hitmaker brought along a full band and small choir of backing vocalists.

That resulted in a fuller sound that you would normally associate with a concert instead of a TV show performance. It all came together effortlessly and showcased an impressive vocal run at the end of the song. Katy’s voice has never sounded better. In addition to jazzing up daytime TV, the American Idol judge also sat down with Ellen for a quick chat about her special “love language” with boyfriend Orlando Bloom. Aww. Unfortunately, she didn’t give us an update on KP5, but you can’t have everything. Watch her in action below.

Watch the performance:

Katy talks Orlando Bloom:

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