Taylor Swift Covers ‘Rolling Stone,’ Talks Kanye West & Scooter Braun

Mike Wass | September 18, 2019 3:56 pm
Album Review: Taylor Swift's 'Lover'
Taylor returns to the wide-eyed optimism of her early material on new LP, 'Lover.'

Taylor Swift lands on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and gives one of the most unguarded, revealing interviews of her career. While the main topic of conversation is the superstar’s just-released Lover LP, she didn’t shy away from commenting on Scott Borchetta selling her back catalogue to Scooter Braun, or her long-standing feud with Kanye West. Let’s begin with the former brouhaha. “Everyone in my team knew if Scooter Braun brings us something, do not bring it to me,” the “Delicate” hitmaker states.

“The fact that those two are in business together after the things [Scott] said about Scooter Braun — it’s really hard to shock me,” Taylor continues. “And this was utterly shocking. These are two very rich, very powerful men, using $300 million of other people’s money to purchase, like, the most feminine body of work. And then they’re standing in a wood-panel bar doing a tacky photo shoot, raising a glass of scotch to themselves.” She’s just as brutal and matter of fact when discussing Kanye.

“The 2015 VMAs come around. [Kanye’s] getting the Vanguard Award,” the 29-year-old explains. “He called me up beforehand — I didn’t illegally record it, so I can’t play it for you. But he called me up… and he’s like, “I really, really would like for you to present this Vanguard Award to me, this would mean so much to me.” Taylor agreed, but it didn’t quite go as planned. “We get to the VMAs and I make this speech and he screams, ‘MTV got Taylor Swift up here to present me this award for ratings!’ And I’m standing in the audience with my arm around his wife, and this chill ran through my body. I realized he is so two-faced.”

The superstar also opened up about reconnecting with Katy Perry over astrology. “She’s like, ‘I’m a Scorpio. Scorpios just strike when they feel threatened.’ And I was like, ‘Well, I’m an archer. We literally stand back, assess the situation, process how we feel about it, raise a bow, pull it back, and fire.’ So it’s completely different ways of processing pain, confusion, misconception. You can (and should) read the full interview here. Check out the bright and colorful cover below.

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