Sasha Sloan’s “Smiling When I Die” Is Not Entirely Depressing

Mike Wass | September 20, 2019 1:28 pm
Sasha Sloan Interview
The breakout pop star talks 'Loser' EP and writings hits for other artists.

Sasha Sloan’s remarkable run of very, very good singles continues with “Smiling When I Die.” And, somewhat surprisingly, it’s not entirely depressing. At least by her standards. Rather, the singer/songwriter’s latest is about living in the moment and enjoying the ride. Because this thing called life goes by fast. “Yesterday felt like my graduation, but now some of those kids have got their own,” Sasha begins the song over King Henry’s intricate production. “Been a while since I took a vacation, it’s been a while since I really let go.”

The “Dancing With Your Ghost” hitmaker then comes up with a plan on the semi-upbeat chorus. “I’ma call my mother, it’s been a while since I’ve been home,” Sasha promises herself. “Take a trip in the summer, see all the lights in Tokyo.” Her ultimate goal? “Get lost in the desert just to see what I can find, So when it’s my time, I’m smiling when I die.” The 24-year-old will, no doubt, perform “Smiling When I Die” (below) on her let’s get sad tour. It kicks off in Minneapolis, MN on November 9. Get your tickets here.

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