Premiere: Ella Henderson Unveils Stripped-Back “Glorious” Performance

Mike Nied | September 26, 2019 9:53 am

Ella Henderson is back! It’s been four years since the Brit last dropped a solo project, but she’s here now. And she’s making up for lost time. Earlier this month she returned with “Glorious.” Her comeback single is a sweeping anthem with a powerful and always timely message about self-love. “We got flaws in all of us, but that’s what makes us glorious,” she sings on the chorus. “Time goes by in front of us so let’s just make it glorious.” She opened up about the song in a press release. “Writing ‘Glorious’ was a mind cleansing moment for me,” she explained.

“It represents the first time I truly began to start celebrating everything I used to live in fear of. Learning to accept and love yourself for who you are can be difficult in this day and age. ‘Glorious’ stands for everything we should feel about ourselves – empowered and proud.” And that’s only a taste of what’s on the horizon. The “Ghost” hitmaker is preparing a similarly titled EP, which arrives November 8. Before then she’s unveiling a stripped-back performance of her latest track. Shot at Asylum Chapel, the rendition highlights Ella’s soulful voice, which shines in any situation.

“Performing this live acoustic of ‘Glorious’ was so much fun,” she gushed in an exclusive quote. The siren also opened up about why they shot onsite in the chapel. “The location of Asylum church felt like the perfect fit! I love places that feel special yet raw & rough around the edges.” The end result is a beautiful update on her future hit. And here’s the best news: We’re proud to partner with Ella to bring you an exclusive first watch of her “Glorious” performance. Check it out below and let us know if you love it as much as we do.

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