Diplo Calls Down A Feature From Jonas Brothers On “Lonely”

Mike Nied | September 27, 2019 1:11 am

Diplo’s country project is coming together very nicely. The super-producer has been steadily building out an impressive collection of twangy EDM crossover delights. It all started with a club-ready bop featuring Cam called “So Long.” After that, he teamed up with Morgan Wallen on “Heartless.” His hot streak continues today (September 27). And this time he called down some unexpected guests – the Jonas Brothers. Nick, Joe and Kevin join him on “Lonely.” As it turns out, their collab is a deceptively titled love song.

“Wanna ride with you ’til the wheels fall off. ‘Til we’re running out of road,” Joe sings on the opening lines. Nick joins in as they head into the chorus. “Everybody needs a place to hide. This don’t have to be a bumpy ride. I think we should be alone tonight. Because we don’t have to be lonely.” And that’s not all. The quartet paired the track with a cheeky video about the bond of friendship. In it, Diplo (he’s dubbed himself the “bonus Jonas”) attempts to apologize for ruining what should have been the happiest day of Joe’s life: his wedding.

And he goes to great lengths to make sure the message is received. If text messages and phone calls aren’t cutting it, I’d highly recommend a fruit basket. That seemed to do the trick here at least. However, make sure to watch through to the end to see if they’re able to make up. Spoiler alert: There is an unexpected twist. Check out Diplo’s new song with the Happiness Begins superstars below.

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