Review: Adam Lambert Gets It Very Right On ‘VELVET: Side A’

Mike Nied | September 27, 2019 1:12 pm

Adam Lambert makes grand statements in exceptionally glam fashion on VELVET: Side A. Out today (September 27), the six-song EP serves as the first half of his similarly titled album. And the collection bubbles over with a wealth of potential hits. One that we’re already familiar with is the rock-infused lead single “Superpower.” Laying his voice over a rollicking production, the 37-year-old reclaims his powers while tearing down a hateful regime. The end result is a memorable and timely protest anthem that could inspire a new generation.

Impressively, the rest of the EP is just as good and, at times, even better. The Glamorous One continues giving voice to a belabored group on “Stranger You Are.” Opening with some advice from his Papa, Adam makes the decision to remain true to himself. “Now I’m rockin’ Versace with my dog. In my shades, Imma slay,” he sings with the utmost confidence. This is without doubt a song to listen to while practicing your strut. There’s a change of pace as we move into the emotional pinnacle of Side A – “Closer To You.” The confessional ballad finds our star deep in his feelings over a matters of the heart.

It’s a bruised and battered moment where Adam bargains for another chance with someone he believes to be the love of his life. That’s particularly clear on the gut-wrenching chorus. “I would sink my house down underwater. I would trade all my gold for dirt,” he pleads. “Let me tell you right now. I would walk through fire just to hold you. Whatever gets me closer to you.” You can feel the longing in his voice, which soars across octaves on the standout. He’s in a different state of mind on the flirty “Loverboy.” Here the production gets a little funkier as he demands the entirety of a partner’s heart.

“I don’t wanna be another number. Wanna feel like your loverboy,” he demands. The end result is a fun ode to defining a relationship with an instantly hummable chorus. Adam switches it up again on “Overglow,” a heart-pumping epic. And he closes out Side A with another empowering anthem called “Ready To Run.” This one is about reclaiming his freedom. “I ain’t falling for your charm. Put a lock on my heart,” he sings. Then he’s “ready to run.” With Side B due in early 2020 according to a Billboard interview, it’s pretty clear to me that VELVET is shaping up to be some of the superstar’s best work.

Score: 4/5

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