Surprise! Astrid S Drops Stripped-Back ‘Down Low’ EP

Mike Wass | September 27, 2019 6:09 pm
Astrid S Drops 'Trust Issues' EP
As expected, the Norwegian pop star's 'Trust Issues' EP is one of 2019's best.

Astrid S is nothing if not prolific. The Norwegian pop star surprised fans today (September 27) by dropping her second EP of 2019. The very, very good Trust Issues only arrived last month, but Down Low shows a very different side of the 22-year-old’s artistry. For starters, it departs from her usual brand of icy synth-pop. Instead, Astrid strips her sound right back, delivering four beautifully-crafted, largely-acoustic pop songs. The sexy title track and achingly lovely “Years” are instant standouts, but each and every song deserves your full attention.

“Down Low is a more acoustic, stripped down EP,” the “Someone New” singer explains. “I had some old demos that I’ve wanted to release, so I decided to try and finish them and rewrite them, but still keep the original sound and feeling of it. After starting the process early this summer I ended up writing more acoustic songs that we added to the track list.” Rather than being a one-off experiment, this could be a hint of what’s to come on her future projects. “It feels very genuine and close to where I am today as a songwriter and artist.”

If Astrid ever gets around to releasing her debut LP, it’s going to be something very special. Listen to Down Low in full below.

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