Beloved Baby Boomer Albums Most Millennials Don’t Know

Rose Reilly | October 2, 2019 4:48 pm

Although there are a fair amount of Millennials who claim that they prefer “old school” music or are patrons of “classic rock,” most of them actually know very little about the music from the baby boomer generation. Yes, bands like Led Zeppelin and the Beatles were extremely popular during that time, but there was so much other great music being produced. So, take a look at these popular albums that Baby Boomers love, but most Millennials haven’t even heard of.

Jefferson Airplane: Crown of Creation

Crown of Creation album cover
RCA Victor
RCA Victor

Released by RCA Victor in September 1968, Crown of Creation was the psychedelic rock group Jefferson Airplane’s fourth studio album. Although it wasn’t as commercially successful as other albums such as Surrealistic Pillow, it didn’t fail by any means. The album peaked at No.5 on the Billboard Pop Charts, becoming certified gold by the RIAA.

The tracks “Greasy Heart” and “Lather” also made brief appearances on the Hot 100 chart. The album took longer to record than some others because they had so many commitments regarding concerts and TV appearances.