Aldous Harding’s “Zoo Eyes” Video Is A Twisted Fantasy

Mike Wass | October 8, 2019 12:44 pm
Aldous Harding's 'Fixture Picture' Video
Aldous follows up 'The Barrel' with the equally brilliant 'Fixture Picture' video.

Aldous Harding has already delivered two of the year’s best videos. “The Barrel” was an exercise in eerie restraint (until that mask came out), while “Fixture Picture” found her going full Jodorowsky. The Kiwi pop alchemist is now back with the third single and video from Designer and “Zoo Eyes” is another demented delight. In fact, it might be her most arresting visual to date. For starters, there’s a veiled woman, a towering monster — seemingly made out of papier-mâché — and our very, very weird heroine.

The clip begins with Aldous rolling on the grass. It soon becomes apparent, from both her outfit and unnerving facial expressions, that she’s channeling her inner child. From there, she travels along the breathtaking New Zealand coastline with a fully veiled lady and the aforementioned monster. Oh, and she also appears in creepy face paint (a Bergman reference if I’m not mistaken) and cradles a lamb. Aldous is currently on tour and you really should buy a ticket. Watch her transfixing “Zoo Eyes” video below.

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