Power Of Women! Mariah Carey Shares Wisdom In New ‘Variety’ Interview

Mike Nied | October 8, 2019 1:32 pm

No one gives interviews quite like Mariah Carey. We have still yet to recover from her iconic sit-down with Cosmopolitan earlier this year. You remember, the one where she threw casual shade every couple of lines. Well, she’s done it again. Today (October 8), the 5-octave earth angel shared some wisdom with Variety. She’s one of several to cover the publication’s Power Of Women edition (other cover stars include the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Chaka Khan). And the gorgeous spread shot by Peggy Sirota is nice. But the expansive accompanying interview is even better.

In it, the living legend directs the conversation across a variety of topics including a forthcoming memoir (due in 2020), Christmas and her new song “In The Mix.” In particular, she opened up about why it was so important to her. “When I was growing up, for me, it was very much: ‘You’re one or the other. Which are you?’ And it’s very wrong to do that to a kid,” she explained. “And in my situation, I’ve always felt so alienated. Even in ‘Vision of Love,’ it says ‘suffered from alienation.’ That’s my first song I ever put out. That means I felt like an outsider. I felt like people didn’t get it and it was hard.”

That’s not all. She also reflected on her experiences in the industry as a woman. “The decision makers, particularly in the beginning of my career, were always men and exclusively men,” Mimi said. “There were no powerful women around me, or even self-made women around me. I made a decision early on that I never wanted to be beholden to a man. I didn’t want to be a kept woman.” Although she recognized several instances where she was treated unfairly over the years, the diva also noticed changes. “Yes, things are changing for the better,” she assured citing Missy Elliott as an example.

Other topics up for discussion include the #JusticeForGlitter movement and her fanbase. “That was a huge achievement for [my fans] the Lambs, who by the way named themselves. I did not name my fans, and I think it’s insulting that other people have named their fans.” Mariah also touched on several of her albums including 2005’s The Emancipation Of Mimi. However, she reiterated several times that she’d be diving deeper in her book. Suffice to say that we need that immediately. In the meantime, she took to Instagram to gush about the new shoot and interview.

“Proud to be in the company of such powerful, talented and beautiful women,” she wrote. Scroll through a gallery of photos from the shoot up top and dive into the rest of Mimi’s feature here. You can also read a segment about her philanthropic work with Camp Mariah and a couple more details about the memoir here.

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