Interview: Cher Lloyd Opens Up About Her New Single “M.I.A”

Mike Nied | October 11, 2019 12:58 pm

Cher Lloyd is back (again)! It’s been five years since the 26-year-old dropped her sophomore album Sorry I’m Late. However, the wait for new material is finally over. Last year she relaunched with her sassy post-breakup anthem “None Of My Business.” Next up came a collaboration with Quintino and AFSHeeN called “Don’t Lose Love.” Today (October 11), the “Want U Back” diva joins the New Music Friday lineup with “M.I.A.” Her latest is a bright anthem that finds her convincing a potential partner to leave a party. And she makes a damn good case. “Let’s make a quick getaway. This party’s shit anyway. Or we could go M.I.A.”

“Tell me, tell me what you say. ‘Cause I, I’ve been bored out of my mind. Sitting here all night. And you know I got my eye on you,” Cher prompts. That leads into the chorus, where she builds out the tempting proposition. “No lie, no lie. I’ve been vibing to you all of this time. Don’t say goodbye. We’re out here, so you know. You and I could be somewhere catching waves. I say hi. Now let’s go M.I.A.” Where do I sign up? But that’s not all. She paired the bop with a very fashionable dance video directed by Raja Virdi. The end result perfectly matches the song’s cheeky vibe, and Cher brings the heat in every single frame.

It gets even better. This week I had the opportunity to ask Cher about “M.I.A.” The siren spilled some tea about how the video came together, learning the choreography and her hopes to line up performances in front of as many fans as possible. She also opened up regarding how her new music differs from some of the classics. And have no fear. There is a lot more music stocked up. Dive into our Q&A to learn more. After doing that make sure to check out the feisty video below.

The video feels really carefree, which pairs nicely with the theme of the song. Can you talk about why you wanted to do something that was more about creating a mood than setting up a specific plot?

This song is a mood, it’s about capturing a feeling. I wanted the video to mirror exactly that. I wanted the vibe to feel playful, expressive and fun. Every look gives a great insight into who I am and my personality.

What was it like learning all the choreography for the video?

I absolutely loved getting back into the dance studio. It’s been such a long time since I’d learnt a whole routine. It definitely felt right to do that for M.I.A. It feels so good to do the routine live too, and the dancers are incredible!

That will translate nicely to a live setting. Do you have any plans to do promote “M.I.A.” with a performance or two in the coming weeks?

Performing this song feels incredible! It’s such a great song to sing too! I hope to get to perform m.i.a to as many fans as possible.

I also wanted to ask about “Don’t Lose Love.” What drew you to the song?

I absolutely loved this song the second I heard it! The message is so beautiful. Recording this song such a great experience for me, so be able to really play with my vocals.

Last year you made a comeback with “None Of My Business,” which is a serious mood. Was there a reason things got kind of quiet again after dropping the song?

I spent a long time in the studio. I wanted to really dig into my new sound. The creative process has no time stamp. I also feel so strongly about making sure that my work is perfect and I’m 100% proud of it before I release. My fans deserve the best from me and that’s what I always strive to give them!

It’s also been 5 years since your last album, and you were pretty quiet on the musical front during that time. How does it feel to be working on music again?

I never stopped working on music. I once saw an article about how you don’t need to scream and shout about how hard you’re working, just let the music do the talking. I spent day after day in recording studios. I recorded None of my business just a couple of weeks before my daughter was born. I think when you’re so passionate about music, you live and breathe it, you never switch it off.

Speaking of albums, are you working toward dropping your third or have these songs been one-off releases?

I’ve written for so long that I now have so many songs I love and feel should be heard. The process of releasing music has changed a lot since I last released a full album. My goal is to give fans as many songs as I am able to.

How would you say your new material differs from some of your classics like “Want U Back” and “Oath”?

My voice will always be the same, but the music has grown and taken a slightly more mature route. I wanted to dig into a slightly grittier sound. The sounds aren’t as clean and polished any more, and my vocals are cleaner. As I grow as a person it’s only right that my music does the same. I’ve always been such a huge fan of urban leaning pop music. It feels so good to release music that’s authentic and represents who I am as an artist.

Over the years you’ve worked with everyone from Demi Lovato and Becky G to T.I. and Sean Kingston. Who are some artists you’d want to collaborate with today given the chance?

I’ve been involved in so many amazing songs. For me it’s all about the song, and if I feel like I would bring something different to it. I do have great admiration for artist such as Tove Lo, Ella Ayre, Zayn, Rosalia and Bea Miller.

Do you have any plans for the rest of the year?

There’s so much more to come. I’m excited for everyone to hear M.I.A.

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