Freddie Mercury’s “Love Kills” Gets A New Lyric Video

Mike Wass | October 14, 2019 2:07 pm
Freddie Mercury's Moving Video
A new video has been released for the late singer's 'Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow.'

One of the best things about Never Boring, the just-released Freddie Mercury box set, is that it’s leading to a reappraisal of the Queen legend’s solo material. Take “Love Kills.” The late singer’s debut single was not received warmly upon release. Which is thoroughly surprising from a modern perspective. After all, the Giorgio Moroder-produced banger is an explosion of warm, ’80s synths and deliciously overwrought lyrics. You can enjoy the song in all its dramatic, fist-pumping glory courtesy of a new lyric video (below).

If you’re a Freddie fan or just a casual Queen admirer, Never Boring is an essential addition to your collection. The mouthwatering box set includes three CDs, a Blu-ray, a DVD featuring 13 promo videos and a hardback book full of photos. (There’s even an introduction from Rami Malek, who played Freddie in Bohemian Rhapsody). It’s hard to single out a favorite part of Never Boring, but the disc of solo live performances gets my vote. Revisit “Love Kills” below and order Freddie’s box set here.

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