Serene & Sad: Ella Vos Joins Forces With R3HAB For “Exhale”

Mike Wass | October 23, 2019 10:30 am

UPDATE: Ella Vos and R3HAB’s “Exhale” comes to life with the release of an official video. Check it out (it’s directed by Ella) below.

Ella Vos Interview
The breakout star opens up about her cancer diagnosis and 'Watch & Wait' EP.

When I interviewed Ella Vos earlier this year, she promised to deliver a club collaboration before the end of the year. It turns out that she’s very much a woman of word. “Exhale,” a joint-effort with R3HAB, arrived on Friday and it’s a different kind of breakup song. “I’ll be yours one more night, set the ‘can we talk’ to the side,” Ella sings over the Dutch producer’s serene synths. “Lay next to you, your limbs wrapped up with mine.” Instead of having doubts, the singer/songwriter’s resolve strengthens.

“I’ve been holding my breath, straining my chest, feeling the oxygen weigh me down,” she confesses on the pre-chorus. “But the tension’s too much and the sun’s coming up, thinking it’s time that I exhale now.” It’s always great to get new music from Ella, but this isn’t a cookie-cutter club collaboration. “Exhale” exists in space between her dreamy sound and R3HAB’s euphoric electronica, which makes it extra special. Listen to the sad yet serene “Exhale” below.

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