20 Songs! Céline Dion Reveals The Tracklist Of ‘Courage’

Mike Wass | October 14, 2019 3:21 pm
Céline's 'Imperfections' Video
Céline Dion unveils the raw, stripped-back video for 'Imperfections.'

Quantity and (no doubt) quality. Céline Dion has revealed the tracklist of Courage and it’s an embarrassment of riches. The album contains buzz track “Flying On My Own” as well as the legendary songbird’s recent trio of singles (“Imperfections,” “Courage” and “Lying Down”). In addition to those four songs, there are 16 new anthems to get excited about. Like “Lovers Never Die,” which was co-written by Dan Wilson, and “Best Of All.” The latter was co-crafted by Eg White.

The full songwriting credits haven’t been revealed yet, but they are starting to emerge. Sia had a hand in at least three songs (“Lying Down,” “Baby” and “Heart Of Glass”), while alt-pop star Maty Noyes penned a bonus track called “Boundaries.” Other collaborators include Greg Kurstin, Greg Wells, Andrew Wells, Stephan Moccio, Mozella and Ross Golan. Peruse Céline’s Courage tracklist below and revisit her “Imperfections” video at the bottom of the post. The album drops on November 15 (pre-order here).

Céline’s Courage tracklist:

1. “Flying on My Own”

2. “Lovers Never Die”

3. “Falling in Love Again”

4. “Lying Down”

5. “Courage”

6. “Imperfections”

7. “Change My Mind”

8. “Say Yes”

9. “Nobody’s Watching”

10. “The Chase”

11. “For the Lover That I Lost”

12. “Baby”

13. “I Will Be Stronger”

14. “How Did You Get Here”

15. “Look at Us Now”

16. “Perfect Goodbye”

Deluxe Edition

17. “Best of All”

18. “Heart of Glass”

19. “Boundaries”

20. “The Hard Way”

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