BENEE Follows Up ‘FIRE ON MARZZ’ EP With “Find An Island”

Mike Wass | October 16, 2019 2:42 pm
BENEE Interview
We speak to the Kiwi newcomer about debut EP 'FIRE ON MARZZ.'

New Zealand’s BENEE has already dropped one of the best EPs of 2019 in the form of FIRE ON MARZZ, but she’s only getting started. The 19-year-old, who leveraged the viral success of “Soaked” to land a deal with Republic Records, returned to New Music Friday with “Find An Island.” As usual, the newcomer tackles a fairly common place occurrence (bickering with a friend) from a rather unique angle. Namely, wishing they would get stranded on a stretch of sand somewhere far, far away from you.

“If our own mistakes are too much to take, if this just won’t work and we can’t find a way,” BENEE laments on the pre-chorus over Josh Fountain’s fusion of indie-pop and reggae beats. “Maybe our maps go different ways.” Her solution? “Find an island far away from me, a shipwreck lost at sea,” the breakout star chants. “Where nobody goes, no search party.” No doubt, “Find An Island” will be one of the highlights on BENEE’s upcoming mini tour of North America. See the dates here and listen to her new bop below.

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