Still A Visionary: Missy Elliott Drops Futuristic “DripDemeanor” Video

Mike Wass | October 17, 2019 12:48 pm
Missy Elliott Drops 'Iconology'
She's finally back! The legendary rapper rolls out a new EP called 'Iconology.'

The (seemingly endless) wait for Missy Elliott’s 7th album continues, but the legendary rapper threw fans a bone in August when she surprise released Iconology. The EP is a throwback to the hitmaker’s Y2K sound and jam-packed with bops like “Throw It Back” and “Cool Off.” One of the biggest surprises on the 5-song set is a sexy groove called “DripDemeanor” featuring Sum1. Missy leaves nothing to the imagination as she lays down the ground rules in the bedroom. (At one point she rhymes “pussy-whipped” with “script”).

Arguably the most important visual artist of the late ’90s, Missy still has the Midas Touch when it comes to music videos. She teams up with Derek Blanks to create a jaw-dropping clip that combines futuristic technology, explicit choreography and amazing hair art. The 48-year-old also pays homage to HBCU culture with cameos from various fraternities. Just make sure you keep watching until the end. Teyana Taylor makes a cameo, which links this to Missy’s “Throw It Back” video. And hints at an overarching narrative. Watch below.

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