JP Saxe & Julia Michaels Come Together For “If The World Was Ending”

Mike Wass | October 17, 2019 1:22 pm
Julia's Dreamy '17' Video
Julia Michaels follows up 'Body' with an equally dreamy video for '17.'

Julia Michaels has collaborated with everyone from Maroon 5 to Keith Urban, but none of those very-good songs packed as strong an emotional punch as JP Saxe’s “If The World Was Ending.” The track, which doesn’t seem all that unrealistic given the dumpster fire that is 2019, is about reaching out to a loved one… during an apocalyptic event. “Julia and I wrote this song the day we met,” the Toronto-born, LA-based newcomer reveals. “It was a couple weeks after the last earthquake in LA.”

“We were talking about the reasons people have to not talk to the people they really want to talk to… but know they shouldn’t talk to, and how many of those reasons would hold up in the apocalypse,” JP continues. “The song is about that special person in your life that for whatever reason you just can’t seem to make it work with,” Julia adds. “If the world is ending, and there was nothing left to hold you back, would you make your way back to them for one last night?” Interesting question. Heavy song.

Watch the suitably heart-wrenching video below.

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