Sasha Sloan Paints A Brutally Honest ‘Self Portrait’ On New EP

Mike Wass | October 18, 2019 1:43 pm
Sasha Sloan Shares Her 'Thoughts'
The prolific indie-pop artist speaks her mind on new single 'Thoughts.'

Sasha Sloan released two of 2018’s best EPs (sad girl and Loser), so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Self Portrait is similarly triumphant. A brutally honest snapshot of the mostly-dark places her mind goes, Sasha’s third EP tackles topics usually considered taboo — or at least distinctly uncommercial — in pop. For starters, “Thank God” finds the 24-year-old doomsday-prepping for hell. “So if the pearly gates won’t open up for me, at least I know there’s somewhere else I can go,” she muses with both resignation and defiance.

Then there’s the lilting “Dancing With Your Ghost,” which poetically describes the emotional void left by loss. While not exactly feel-good, the subject matter is extremely relatable. As evidenced by the song’s viral success in the wake of a sync on HBO’s Euphoria. Oh, and let’s not forget “at least i look cool” — a blunt fuck-you to the music industry and LA scene. The common thread that pulls the EP together is depression. Which is a contributing factor to, or side-effect of, the topics already mentioned.

There are a couple of deep dives into abyss, however. “Too Sad To Cry” (an instant highlight) and EP opener “Thoughts” document the daily struggles of mental illness. If it sounds a little dark and heavy, it is. But, occasionally, a ray of light pokes through. Like the motivational “Keep On,” which is a mantra of sorts about not giving up, and the surprisingly-upbeat “smiling when i die.” Stream Sasha’s very, very good Self Portrait below and check out her upcoming tour dates here.

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