AJ Mitchell Looks For Clarity On Stripped-Back “Like Strangers Do”

Mike Wass | October 18, 2019 2:17 pm
AJ & Ava Max's 'Slow Dance'
AJ Mitchell teams up with the 'Sweet But Psycho' singer for a cute collab.

AJ Mitchell ranks as one of 2019’s breakout pop stars thanks to one-off singles like “Afterhours” and “Without You Now,” and his second EP, Slow Dance. Never one to rest on his laurels, the prolific 18-year-old is already churning out new music. He strips it right back on “Like Strangers Do,” which finds the newcomer looking for clarity in a relationship. “I miss the taste of your lips on Sunday and the sound of your laugh when I say something funny,” AJ sings in the opening verse. “But nobody heard it, except for you.”

It turns out that the talented teen is a side-dude (or whatever they call a male side-chick) and he wants to know where he stands — once and for all. “If you saw me on the train would you look the other way? Like strangers do,” AJ ponders over strummed guitar on the chorus. “And if you passed me on the street, would you look down at your feet and move on through like strangers do?” Sounds like it’s time to bounce. Check out the “All My Friends” hitmaker’s new single below.

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