Tinashe Launches ‘Songs For You’ With “Die A Little Bit”

Mike Nied | October 24, 2019 1:00 am

It’s been more than 550 days since Tinashe last dropped new music. But we have some good news. She’s back! Today (October 24) the 26-year-old introduced her upcoming project Songs For You with lead single “Die A Little Bit.” And it’s crystal clear that she’s not playing games this time around. On it the “Company” siren and her collaborator Ms Banks link up over vibe-friendly beats. “Sometimes I can’t, but I’ve been told I need to breathe. This life ain’t something for someone like you and me,” Nashe breathily coos.

“We just get caught up in the things that we don’t need. Plenty time wasted. What are we waiting for?” The hitmakers lay it all on the line on the simple but exceedingly direct chorus. “Drink. Smoke. Dance. Vibe a little bit,” they chant. “Fuck. Change. Ride. Die a little bit.” Tinashe paired the track with an equally chill video directed by C Prinz. In it, she shows off her always incredible dance skills in the middle of a club. The end result is very, very cool and will hopefully launch her the with a well-deserved hit.

Hearing it also has me excited to see what else is on the way off the project. Tinashe offered up a hint on Twitter earlier this month. “Y’all boutta see real quick that this independent ‘release’ shit is sooo different from anything I was doing when I was signed to a major label,” she teased. “Like everything. I’m doing this all myself from the flyers to the art to the videos & tbh that’s what makes it special cuz it’s RAW.” Based on that, I’m guessing that we’re on the verge of what will be her most personal project to date.

Fall in love with “Die A Little Bit” below.

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