JoJo Teams Up With CHIKA For Soulful “Sabotage”

Mike Wass | December 4, 2019 12:05 pm
JoJo Opens Up On 'Joanna'
The R&B singer introduces her 4th album with hard-hitting 'Joanna.'

EDIT: The post has been updated with JoJo’s special effects-filled “Sabotage” video. Watch it below.

JoJo returned in early October with a hard-hitting song called “Joanna.” More of an interlude (or statement of intent) than a single, it’s the musical equivalent of a group text telling everyone to mind their business. The 28-year-old now kicks off her new era in earnest with the soulful “Sabotage.” It finds the vocal queen apologizing for bad behavior and ruing some of the decisions she has made in past relationships. Self-reflection is a rare commodity in popular music, but this is achingly honest.

“Man it cut so ugly, I was begging you to stay when you left our house,” JoJo croons over mellow beats. “Said you never loved me, had me ducking all the venom flying out your mouth.” She then accepts her part of the blame for things falling apart, and wonders if it could have been different. “Every time I hear them talking ’bout you, I wonder did I play myself and sabotage love?” There’s something wonderfully old school about this track that finds JoJo accepting her destiny of being the Teena Marie of the 2010s.

Also, pay close attention to CHIKA’s verse. The budding rapper adds another layer to “Sabotage,” confirming her status as One To Watch. Watch below.

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