Dolly Parton Hits The Dancefloor On Galantis & Mr. Probz’ “Faith”

Mike Wass | October 25, 2019 12:08 am

UPDATE: Dolly Parton, Galantis and Mr. Probz turn a bad situation (a broken down bus) into a reason to dance in their “Faith” video. Check it out below.

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Something magical happens with legendary divas take to the dance floor. (See Cher’s “Believe” as Exhibit A). It not only appeals to existing fans, but also introduces the artist to a whole new audience. That’s sure to be the case for Dolly Parton’s new collaboration. The country icon has dabbled in dance before — those “Peace Train” remixes are still played in gay bars the world over — but she has never been a part of something as contemporary sounding as Galantis and Mr. Probz’ “Faith.” This is clubland 2019 with a splash of twang and gospel.

“Know the road gets hard and you just want to leave, I ain’t never too far,” Mr. Probz begins the song. “So have a little faith in me.” Dolly then joins him for the heavily-distorted chorus, before shining in her own right. “When you don’t know who you are, I will find you so easily,” she belts. “Don’t you worry, whenever you need me — have a little faith in me.” That leads us to the goosebump-inducing finale. “Let me shine and radiate with your love and light, and help me make any change I can in the world today,” the 73-year-old begs Him. “Just show me the way.”

“Faith” cleverly interpolates John Hiatt’s “Have A Little Faith In Me,” transforming it into something new entirely. The euphoric anthem is the latest single from Galantis’ just-announced third LP, Church (due early 2020). “I was on the phone with a Christian [i.e. Christian Karlsson, one half of production duo], talking about a song called ‘Faith’ and an album called Church,” Dolly says of the surprise collaboration. “I knew I was in the right place.” Listen below.

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