Isabela Merced (Formerly Moner) Drops Latin-Pop Banger “Papi”

Mike Wass | November 6, 2019 12:05 pm

EDIT: The post has been updated with Isabela’s “Papi” video, which serves choreography and costume changes. Watch the colorful clip below.

Isabela Merced (AKA Isabela Moner) is probably best known for her acting career. The 18-year-old recently starred in the big-screen adaptation of Dora The Explorer and has been a familiar face on Nickelodeon for years. She is now ready to add another string to her bow by embarking on a pop career. And the multi-hyphenate comes out swinging with “Papi.” Co-written with Andrés Torres, Mauricio Rengifo, Kennedi Lykken and the omnipresent Justin Tranter, the song finds Isabela laying down the law to potential suitors.

“So you’re looking for attention or did I forget to mention, don’t like frivolous affection,” the breakout star sings over a fusion of Latin beats. “I don’t want it on the first date or third date or ever.” Well, then. She underlines her anti-PDA stance on the chorus. “Even if I fall, I’m never gonna call you papi,” Isabela confirms. “Even if it makes you happy, never gonna call you papi.” How did the song come about? “It’s a blend of everything that inspires me,” the budding pop star explains.

“I’m very influenced by Latin music like salsa, reggaeton, cumbia, and bachata,” she continues. “I’m experimenting with instruments and sounds from Peru, because they’re beautiful yet untouched by the mainstream. There’s also an energy and edge that comes from urban and rhythmic. It’s a new take on Latin pop with my own Peruvian spice and attitude. I’m welcoming everyone into my story.” Listen to her catchy, new banger below.

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