These Songwriters Are The Wealthiest In The World

Jenna Goldberg | October 25, 2019 2:45 pm

Music brings people together, sets the mood, tells a story, and also can make folks a ton of money. Just ask Jay-Z or Paul McCartney, some of the wealthiest artists in the industry. While it isn’t easy to bring in as much money as the names mentioned here, the music industry can become lucrative if you work hard at it. Continue reading to learn about the wealthiest songwriters and how they amassed their fortunes.

Justin Timberlake – $230 Million

timberlake on stage
Rich Fury/Getty Images for iHeartMedia
Rich Fury/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

The man who brought sexy back is in good company as a songwriter. After starting his career with the Mickey Mouse Club, he joined the boy band NSYNC and then went solo. His first album on his own gave us hits like “Cry Me a River” and “Rock Your Body.”

He now has five solo LPs in total, with more to come in the future. Not only can the man sing and dance his tail off, but he’s showcased his acting and comedy chops in the past, too.