Pat Benatar Facts That Will Make You Run And Grab Your Old Vinyl Collection

Scott Croker | October 25, 2019 6:54 pm

Big hair, spandex outfits, and loud guitar riffs pretty much sum up the 1980s rock legend Pat Benatar. From her start as a cabaret singer at a night club, Benatar proved to the industry that females could be a fore to be reckoned with, even if they are classically trained!

Benatar brought us some of the best teenage anthems of all time, including “Heartbreaker” and “Love is a Battlefield.” Time to dust off that old Crimes of Passion vinyl and turn it up as loud as it can go. You’re going to need some background music when it comes to these Pat Benatar facts!

Pat’s Real Name Is Patricia Mae Andrzejewski

Pat's Real Name Is Patricia Mae Andrzejewski
Raoul/IMAGES/Getty Images
Raoul/IMAGES/Getty Images

Although Pat Benatar is her stage name, it was once her legal name. In 1972, at the age of 19, Pat married her high school sweetheart, Dennis Benatar. Even after they divorced a few years later in 1979, Benatar kept the Benatar surname for her stage persona.

We’re glad she did! With a last name like Andrzejewski, it’s no wonder Pat kept the name for the stage! She couldn’t go around asking fans to try and pronounce her very Polish surname. We’d bet money she was sick and tired of correcting people when the mispronounced it anyway.