Carrie Underwood Announces “Drinking Alone” As Next Single

Mike Wass | October 30, 2019 12:30 pm
Carrie's 'Cry Pretty' Video
Carrie Underwood cries glittery tears in the video for new single 'Cry Pretty.'

Carrie Underwood is releasing “Drinking Alone” as the fourth single from Cry Pretty. The country superstar unveiled the glamorous cover art, which finds her wearing a black fedora, on social media last night (October 29). It follows the title track, “Love Wins” and “Southbound.” As much as I was hoping for “End Up With You” or “The Bullet,” the song is undeniably relatable with its tried-and-tested subject matter of drowning your sorrows. “Let me make one thing clear you can buy me a beer, but you ain’t taking me home,” Carrie begins.

However, as the country anthem progresses, the enduring hitmaker has a change of heart. “But sitting there across the room, I couldn’t help but notice you seem a little down on your luck too,” she belts. “Yeah, my heart might be breaking, but this seat ain’t taken.” After setting the scene, Carrie lays out her plan in the chorus. “We should be drinking alone, together,” the 36-year-old suggests. “Drownin’ the pain is better with somebody else who got problems.” Amen to that. Listen to “Drinking Alone” below.

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