Audrey Mika Comes Out Swinging With “Fake Heartbreak”

Mike Wass | October 31, 2019 2:46 pm

Audrey Mika makes her major label debut with a soulful single called “Fake Heartbreak.” Co-written with Amisha Mallick Sarkar and produced by Sam Ricci, the track showcases the YouTube sensation’s powerful pipes and emotional delivery. “I always dreamed about falling in love, the movies they made it so beautiful,” she sings over plucked guitar strings and sparse beats. “I thought I’d find all the answers in us, so thank you for proving me so wrong.” Just when you think the 19-year-old is ready to move on, Audrey slides right back into heartbreak.

“These conversations, I’m reminiscing on the thought of you, yeah the thought of you,” the Bay Area native belts on the moody chorus. “These feelings won’t catch the fade away, I need them to fade away — yeah, this fake heartbreak.” What’s it all about? “This song explains that you’re not alone when it comes to heartbreak and that everyone goes through it,” Audrey explains in the press release. “Being vulnerable isn’t a bad thing, and ‘Fake Heartbreak’ is here to tell you that it’s gonna be ok.” Watch the suitably-lovesick video below.

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