Vocals! Sam Smith Drops A Cover Of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love”

Mike Nied | November 1, 2019 1:34 am

The rumors were (half) true! Sam Smith did join this week’s New Music Friday lineup. However, their new song was not titled “We Are The Night.” Instead, the pop star graced our ears with a sublime cover of Donna Summer’s enduring classic “I Feel Love.” Produced by Guy Lawrence (one half of Disclosure), the euphoric anthem sends Sam’s voice to soaring heights. And the end result is absolutely staggering. Why did they decide to reinterpret the song? The “Dancing With A Stranger” hitmaker shed light on the decision on Instagram.

“As a queer person ‘I feel love’ has followed me to every dance floor in every queer space from the minute I started clubbing,” they explained. “This song to me is an anthem of our community and it was an honour and most importantly so much fun to have a go at it.” Sam also opened up about the release in an interview with Zane Lowe on New Music Daily for Apple Music’s Beats 1. In particular, they referred to it as the “hardest thing I’ve ever sang in my life.” The 27-year-old went on from there. “It actually wasn’t fun to sing. It was quite painful. But the outcome’s fun, which is good.”

As if a new cover wasn’t enough, Sam also shared an update on their long-awaited third album. While talking to Zane, they referred to the project as “kind of done.” Hopefully that means there’s even more music in the near future. While we wait for news on that, press play on “I Feel Love” below.

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