Mandy Moore Highlights Her Moral Compass On “I’d Rather Lose”

Mike Nied | November 1, 2019 1:23 pm

Mandy Moore’s new album is coming together very nicely. Back in September the elusive pop star staged a comeback with “When I Wasn’t Watching.” Today (November 1) she offers up a second taste of the project with “I’d Rather Lose.” Produced by frequent collaborator Mike Viola, the single is another gem. On it, she shares her thoughts on sacrificing morals for a quick victory. “I’d rather lose. If the only way to win is by breaking all the rules, I’d rather lose,” she declares on the straightforward chorus. I stan a diva with a strong moral compass.

She shared insight via a press release. “We live in a cultural moment of ‘win at all costs’ and that may afford small victories in the short term but this song tries to explore the idea of trying to live according to your moral compass, whatever that might be,” Mandy explained. “It’s easy to run out of patience and give into temptations on any given day, but it seems like the only way of achieving the kind of long term peace of mind we’re all looking for, requires a recommitment to the concepts of honesty and integrity that ground us.”

That’s not all. Mandy also opened up about the sonics for her first album in ten years. “I wanted to make a very California-sounding record – something that feels sunshiny and airy and natural, something you could listen to driving up and down the PCH with all the windows rolled down on a beautiful weekend day.” I’d say she’s achieved that based on what we’ve heard so far. Fall in love with “I’d Rather Lose” below.

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